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      It is with great sorrow that we mourn the death of our colleague Julie Poskitt on October 15, 2018. 

      Julie retired 19 months ago, after working as the Dance and Music Officer from 2006 - she had worked previously as the Community Arts and Scholarship Officer from 1995 to 2000.  Between those postings, she worked in the Dance Section of the Canada Council for the Arts in Ottawa.

      Many beautiful words have been offered about Julie which highlight her care for artists and her eternal optimism.  She championed more artists than they know and was especially supportive of projects and practices ‘outside the box’.  As a colleague, she was a model of compassion and understanding in all aspects of life and work.

      We extend our condolences to her daughter Lucy and husband Kevin, to the Poskitt family, and to all those who are sharing our deep sorrow at this time.  

      For a comprehensive listing of upcoming B.C. events, please visit:


      The Canada Council for the Arts is bringing info sessions
      to cities in BC and the Yukon
      in early 2019!

      Watch their site for a listing of venues, dates and activities
      in the following cities:

      Prince George
      Dawson City



      2019 Scholarship Program
      YVR Art Foundation
      Deadline: Fri., Jan.25 at 4pm

      YVR Art Foundation is now accepting applications from BC and Yukon Indigenous artists for the 2019 Emerging Artist and
      Mid-Careeer Artist
      Scholarship Programs

      Full information and applications:






      February 15, 2019 - Community Arts Festivals





      NEW FOUNDATIONS: Strategic Plan
      for the British Columbia Arts Council

      Final Reports can now be emailed:

      Completed and signed Final Reports can now be scanned and submitted by email to BCArtsCouncil@gov.bc.ca.
      If you submit by email, a hard copy is not required.
      We encourage you to email your final report(s),
      but you may also continue to mail them to:

      PO Box 9819, Stn Prov Govt,
      Victoria, BC, V8W 9W3.

      Final Report forms can be found here.

      Reporting Requirements:

      Reporting requirements for all Project Assistance and Individual Arts Awards programs have been revised. Effective June 30, 2016, applicants with overdue final reports are ineligible to apply to BC Arts Council Project Assistance and Individual Arts Awards programs. Project Assistance or Individual Arts Awards submissions from applicants with overdue final reports will be disqualified before adjudication.

      Final reports must be submitted within 30 days of project completion. End dates for BCAC funded projects currently in progress must be kept up to date to ensure eligibility for future grant competitions. Changes to project end dates should be requested prior to the original project end date.















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